Quantum Audio Time Stretch
User Manual

Table of content

1 Introduction
2 Quick Tour
2.1 Overview
2.2 Transforming audio files
3 Detailed Tour
3.1 Adding input files
3.1.1 Supported file formats
3.1.2 Managing the input file list
3.2 Setting the transformation parameters
3.2.1 Time stretching factor
3.2.2 Advanced transformation settings
3.2.3 Output settings
3.3 Transforming files
3.4 Output files
4 Advanced topics
4.1 The Mini Player
4.2 The file information dialog
4.3 Global Settings
4.3.1 Transform settings
4.3.2 Processing settings
4.3.3 Appearance settings
4.4 Command Line Version
5 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
5.1 Features
5.2 System Requirements
5.3 Buying & License
5.4 Usage
5.5 For further information

1. Introduction

Quantum Audio
Time Stretch

Thank you for choosing Quantum Audio Time Stretch!

Quantum Audio Time Stretch (or simply Quantum) is a software application that does only one thing and does it well: time stretching audio files.

Time stretching consists in changing the speed of a sound or music, without affecting the frequency and pitch. It can be applied on both complex musical mixes or single tracks.

The algorithm used in Quantum is highly versatile. The default quality setting provides the best trade-off between quality and speed, and is faster than real-time on most computers. Other settings allow either for very fast processing (suitable for speech of quick previews); or for very high-quality processing for demanding audio sources, when real-time processing speed is not required.

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